Testing Your Project Management Software

Posted on June 22, 2011


Project Management Software TestingIf you are looking for a tool that helps manage and track your project activities, look no further since project management software has it all for you. With Project management software, you can easily keep track of your project, its progress, and instantly informed whenever the project is lost.

Before releasing to the end users, project management software should be tested just like any other softwares. It is essential to fully test the software and see if there might be any problems. To create a test plan for your project management software, please follow the instructions below.

First of all, build a test team. Your team should consist of people from development team who understand both function of the software and your business.

List down functionalities of the software that have to be tested. Identify the functions for both end users and back-end processing; for example, login as a user and experience the tool or see if the software processing works fine when a great number of users logined at the same time.

Then, prepare test scripts for each different task or set of tasks that will be tested by your test team in a logical flow that comply with the common flow of the software. Make sure to include complete data of icon users click and keystrokes. Also, take screen shots of all the results in order to keep track of the team’s performance.

Ask the test team to divide each test among themselves and set the deadline of each test script.

Follow the details in the test scripts that you prepared according to the time schedule. After that review the results and keep records of all the result from testings. Don’t forget to leave some space in the documents to note down any problems found during the testings.

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